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Coda Connections
Columbia Band Fans' Quarterly Newsletter
Summer 2008

News & Calendar - Summer 2008
Feature - "Paul & the Picc."
Behind the Baton - Director's Thoughts
Fun Stuff - A few words about...
Official CCB/CJB Positions - People in Charge
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This edition of Coda Connections is chock full of goodies! CCB Director Mike allows us a peek into his background, while the Columbia Jazz Band continues preparations for their extended European tour this later month. Read on to catch all the details.

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- Len Morse, Editor

News & Calendar
Summer News
The concert band is busy rehearsing for two August concerts, and the jazz band is gearing up for the European tour in July.

The concert band will be moving at the end of summer, but plans are not quite finalized. For the past four years our rehearsals and concerts have been graciously hosted by Mr. Joe Fischer at River Hill High School, and the entire Columbia Concert Band would like to thank him for always making sure that we have everything we need, and often more.

Summer Calendar - Concert Band
  Sunday, 8/10, 6:30-8:30P.M., Lake Kittamaqundi, Columbia, MD
  Sunday, 8/24, 6:00-8:00P.M., Lurman Amphitheatre, Catonsville, MD

Summer Calendar - Jazz Band
  Friday, 7/18 & Saturday, 7/19, Montreux, Switzerland, 42nd Montreux Jazz Festival
  Tuesday, 7/22, Opatija, Croatia
  Friday, 7/25, Bled, Slovenia
  Sunday, 7/27, Vienna, Austria

by Len Morse (Percussion)   Article Musical notes on staff
Paul and the Picc: A True Story

It was late 1966 and a young Paul McCartney was likely sitting in his Liverpool home, pondering his frustration. The Beatles had just recorded his song "Penny Lane" at the Abbey Road Studios in London, but Paul was not happy with the instrumental fill at the song's bridge. It needed something else, something more.

While watching BBC television (or possibly listening to BBC radio), Paul heard British trumpeter David Mason performing the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, by Johann Sebastian Bach. David was playing a piccolo trumpet. Paul became enamored with this new sound enough to write a part for David, which can now easily be heard in the famous overdubbed track. This is generally regarded as the earliest known occurrence of a piccolo trumpet being used in a Rock/Pop song.

The song was released in February of 1967 as a double A-sided single, along with John Lennon's "Strawberry Fields Forever." Although "Penny Lane" was recorded during the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" sessions, it was not included on the album.

Behind the Baton
by Mike Blackman (Director)   Conductor
Dear Friends of the CCB,

Greetings once again from the conductor's podium of the Columbia Concert Band! I am thankful for this opportunity to stay in touch with our supporters. Some of the Band members have suggested that I share a little bit about my background in one of these newsletters, so here goes...

I started playing the piano around the age of seven, back during the 2nd half of the 20th century. I won't tell how many years of lessons I had, because my playing certainly does not reflect it (sorry, Mom!). I joined the band in the 4th grade at (then) Dasher Green Elementary School. Mr. Barrett said he wanted lots of clarinetists, so there you go. After a few years I began taking my playing more seriously - got private lessons, played in the All-State Band, and looked for opportunities to perform and teach in the community.

By the time I graduated from Hammond High School I had started looking at some of the other woodwind and percussion instruments, and decided that I was going to major in music education. I joined the Columbia Concert Band, directed at that time by Ron Friedman and later by Robert Miller. My degrees are from the University of Maryland and the Peabody Conservatory of Music, where I studied conducting with Dr. Harlan Parker.

I have taught instrumental music in various Howard County elementary schools for 17 years, and have enjoyed it immensely. Honestly, I can't think of a greater balance in my musical life - working with the "blank slate" of nine-year-old beginners and also with the wonderful adults of the CCB. I have a great interest in composing and arranging as well, and have composed for elementary through high school marching bands. Although I haven't played much since I took over the CCB in 2000, I still enjoy the occasional "subbing" in the Toby's Dinner Theatre orchestra, and the daily pleasure of playing for my own children at bedtime (it's usually on flute, as that is the easiest woodwind instrument to just pick up and play!).

Things are going very well for the Columbia Concert Band. Our upcoming performances at the Columbia Lakefront and Catonsville's Lurman Woodland Amphitheatre will feature a little bit of everything: Broadway, pop, patriotic, Latin, some original concert band music, and a fun piece by Leroy Anderson (1908- 1975), in celebration of his 100th birthday. I hope that you'll come out and join us. Bring the family, a picnic dinner, and a blanket, and enjoy some great free music!

As we look toward Fall, we'll be presenting our annual Children's Concert, which will feature different types of marches. I hope that you'll continue to be a part of our performances, because that's why we're here - to play for you! Thank you, and please stay in touch.


Mike Blackman,
CCB Director

Fun Stuff
Quarterly Word: "Hoe Down" - A 19th Century American folk dance, imitating a jig, reel, or other energetic dance.

Quarterly Quote: "I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." ~ Billy Joel

Personal Words from CCB Director Mike Blackman: "I would like to publicly thank Mr. Lee Stevens, a friend of the CCB and the most wonderful teacher I've ever had, for showing me what I wanted to do with my life. In May I joined over 500 other people to celebrate Lee's career and to wish him well in his retirement. It was the most emotional event I have ever witnessed, and Lee deserved all of the surprises, stories, and kudos that were presented that evening."

Official CCB/CJB Positions
Elected Executive Board
Director - Mike Blackman
President - Jeanette Donald
Vice President - Len Morse
Secretary - Carolyn Hipkins
Treasurer - Beth Jubinski
Historian - Melinda Frisch
Publicity Chair - Kathleen Shoemaker
Fundraising Chair - Jenn Ambrosiano
Equipment Manager - Scott Lipcon
Grants, Programs - Jeanette Donald
HCAC Liason - Tanya Hoegh-Allan
Members-at-Large - Linda Baker, Bob Frantz, Tanya Hoegh-Allan, Russell Perkins, Sam Stern

Appointees and Volunteers
CCB-CJB Liason - Jodi Shochet
Librarian - Marilyn Kelsey
Curator - Fred Shermer
Uniforms - Bill DeVuono
CCB Webmaster - Suzanne Hassell
CJB Director - Pete Barenbregge
CJB Webmaster - Matt Williams


Contact Information

phone: 301-598-4587
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